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Thanking those who serve our communities

There are many Center alumni and community members who go above and beyond the call of duty every day to serve others. This page is an opportunity to share some of their stories and to thank them for their service. We are starting this page during a time of pandemic, but hope to continue to add to it over time. If you have a story that you would like to tell, please send the details to Rick Chambers at Rick will follow up with any requests for additional information.

On the front lines with COVID-19

Dr. Kathleen Stone (CHS class of 1974) is a volunteer physician with Heart the Heart International. During the pandemic, she is providing much needed medical support to Hope Faith Mission in the downtown Kansas City area. With Heart to Heart, Kathleen combines her love the outdoors with her zeal to serve others. Read More

Tracy MacClement (CHS class of 1972) refers to her work as a Hospice Chaplain as a “Ministry of Presence”.  The essence is simply “being present” with her patients as they reach the end of their lives. Holding hands, leaning in close to listen, sharing a quiet prayer, singing songs, and reading together are all acts that are not possible in a time of pandemic. Many of Tracy’s patients are in facilities that are locked down from visitors, even chaplains.  Read More

Confusion. Uncertainty. Fear. These are all emotions that 2002 graduate Artesha Gladney encounters in patients as a scheduler for the University of Kansas Medical Center. The rapidly changing landscape of medical care has created challenges for both patients and health care workers as they deal with new policies and procedures almost daily as the medical understanding of COVID-19 changes. Read More

Washing your hands is important. As the Life Enrichment Director at Homestead of Overland Park Senior Care Center, 1988 CHS graduate Kris Lentz has the opportunity to serve others on a daily basis. When serving a population of older adults, ensuring that potential exposure to the coronavirus is minimized has become a truly fundamental part of that service. Therefore the mantra - wash your hands, wash them well, and wash them often.  Read More

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