You can end student homelessness in the

Center School District!

Homeless families are moving into their new homes! Let's keep the momentum going!

Have you ever wondered - 

  • What it's like to go to school and try to concentrate on math when you’re not sure where home will be tonight?
  • What it's like to move from school to school because your family is constantly looking for a place to live?

You might not think of these as problems faced by students in the Center School District, but the fact is that there are many for whom these questions are a daily reality.

The reasons for student homelessness (or living in insecure housing) are many and varied, but they usually revolve around families that don’t have the resources to bounce back from the ups and downs of life. Once families fall into the abyss of homelessness, the challenges of lost jobs, past due bills, and evictions make it difficult to recover.

The Center Education Foundation Board is committed to help end homelessness for our students by supporting a community-based program called Impact Center Schools. This program works individually with our families who don't have stable housing to help them overcome barriers to finding and staying in permanent housing to end their merry-go-round of instability.

Since inception 4 years ago, 30 families have made the transition from homelessness to stable housing.  Congratulations to these families and the Impact Center Schools staff who are supporting them!

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